Ibogaine University Review


I feel more connected to myself, more self-aware. It’s a beautiful feeling.

Thom Leonard, 34, Chicago, IL

The reviews of Ibogaine proceed to prove how extremely effective of a treatment it is towards addiction. It targets those addicted to opiates and detoxes them nearly instantly. The effects of it last a lifetime some would say. Almost all withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and urges are nonexistent. Patients are more than open to express the importance of this aspect of Ibogaine use. This is because the after effects of discontinuing the use of opiates are the hardest to face. But with Ibogaine, they’re minds are put at ease, and the recovery process is quick. Ibogaine restores the brain and resets it to it’s normal state. It rapidly heals it in a way that would normally take years to achieve. Being a powerful plant medicine, it allows users a chance to see their lifestyles and choices and decide whether or not they wish to stay on the path they taking. It produces visions of life and choices, therefore guiding our patients.

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See below for the transcription of Thom's experiences at Ibogaine University:

What is your name, where are you from, and how old are you?

My name is Thom Leonard, I am 34 years old, I am from Chicago. I was here for opiate addiction, heroin.

How long has that been a problem for you?

Since 1997.

You’ve tried other treatments before?

Yeah, detox centers, treatment centers. You name it, I’ve tried it. Suboxone, methadone, all of them.

What’s different about this time?

I’m clean and I’m staying clean. I’m actually working at my recovery. I was clean for 7 years before. I didn’t work at it though. I didn’t work at staying clean, and stressful situations came around. And led me back to here. What was different for me was, for one, the withdrawals. Being taken care of by the ibogaine was huge. It was a big hurdle to get over. And then the ibogaine itself, the tools it gave me. The ability to look honestly at the reasons why I used and even reasons I didn’t know why I used that I came to realize.

Would you say that the ibogaine gave you more insight than maybe a rehab, or something like that?

Oh most definitely. It all came from me, not fro what somebody else was telling me. It was strictly me dealing with my true self, not somebody on the outside trying to fix me.

So you’re back here and you’ve been clean for how long now?

6 weeks. And I feel great for being at 6 weeks. I’ve never felt this good this quick. It’s been a blessing.

Did you feel like you got more insights or more healing of different things that have happened in your life?

Yeah, and it just made me be honest with myself. Any other time, I didn’t want to admit character defaults. And I didn’t want to take blame for my triggers, the reasons why I use. Like if I went and got a tooth pulled, it’s ok to take the medicine. Not it’s not. It’s just going to lead me down that path again. That’s actually something that I had to deal with a couple of weeks ago. It’s just been a positive mental awareness about myself. Now I’m able to deal with things and not shame myself for them.

What was it that you appreciated about being here specifically?

The staff, the people. It takes a village, and you have all sorts of different kinds of people. There’s no shortage of good people here. The medical staff is awesome. Just felt wildly supported. You don’t feel that in an additional treatment center, you feel almost condescended.

You’ve been clean for about 6 weeks, do you feel like you have more opportunities now, do you feel more connected to your life right now?

Between my sobriety and some other outside forces I’m in a really good place in my life. And it was a blessing. They all coincided.

How do you feel, do you feel more connected to life, do you feel more connected to people?

I feel connected to everything. My relationship with my family. My father and I, were like boiling water. We went years, almost a decade without saying I love you. We’re like best friends now. I had started the healing process with him before I got here, but seeing me afterwards was huge for him. I feel more connected to myself, more self-aware. It’s a beautiful feeling.